Lean Again – Watch Your Thoughts and Really feel your Emotions

Lean Again – Watch Your Thoughts and Really feel your Emotions

Howdy Goddess Buddies,

As a lot of a fairytale my life appears to be these previous few weeks have been a stark reminder that I’m nonetheless evolving and nonetheless have triggers to clear in my relationship with El Guapo (my husband). With that mentioned, the excellent news is that due to all of the work I’ve achieved therapeutic and turning into conscious of my unhealthy patterns, these activated triggers barely have had any destructive impact on my relationship. (That is the Goddess manner.)

“I’m nonetheless evolving”

I don’t know if it’s the eclipse season or another astrological occasion, however recently, I’ve had my buttons pressed fairly intensely. This current set off activation has led me to hunt out a deeper understanding of the ego thoughts and its limitless position within the destruction of intimate relationships. The immense quantity of struggling we expertise from the ideas we expect is ridiculous and my need to discover a manner out of this mess is relentless.

“The immense quantity of struggling we expertise from the ideas we expect is ridiculous”

So, how did I handle my triggers you ask? Nicely, with a purpose to simplify issues, I’ve narrowed it down to 2 crucial therapeutic processes – Feeling your ache to transmute it and creating the witness with a purpose to watch your thoughts as an alternative of participating its destructive story.


The sensation work is at all times on the coronary heart of therapeutic. When your triggers hit, it’s worthwhile to calm down your shoulders, take a deep breath, and go into your physique. That is useful as a result of straight away, it takes power away from the painful story/sample your thoughts is pulling you into. When your targeted consideration is directed into the pockets of saved painful emotional power, it heals these previous painful patterns. This previous ache solely desires a second to be felt so it could actually depart and that’s the reason you do that “feeling work.”

Your thoughts and the story it has created round your set off are literally a protection to being within the current second and feeling your ache. Thus, the way in which out is to cope with the painful power.

With the intention to do the sensation apply – You focus in your physique and calm down as a lot as attainable. Deal with the place you’re feeling the discomfort and really feel the sensations. You should utilize, “I really feel” statements that will help you. See some examples from shoppers under:

I really feel my coronary heart is on hearth, I really feel my chest is collapsing, I really feel my lungs are heavy like metal, I really feel there’s a twister in my coronary heart, I really feel there are 100 wasps in my chest, I really feel somebody is stabbing me within the chest, I really feel like my lungs are being tied in knots, I really feel like I’ve two elephants sitting on my chest, I really feel like I’ve been shot with shotgun in my chest, I really feel my coronary heart is wrapped in heavy chains, I really feel like I’m in a field underwater, I really feel like a bowling ball is in my abdomen.

“Your thoughts and the story it has created round your set off are literally a protection to being within the current second”

That is heavy responsibility feeling consciousness work I’m speaking about. You do that as an alternative of letting your thoughts attempt to repair it with a destructive story and over-analyzing. This lets you dive into the current second and see what the set off brings up energetically in your physique. Really feel the ache so the ache can depart. It doesn’t really depart although it will get transmuting again to gentle (Shakti) by your consciousness/consciousness/targeted consideration. This gentle power is the elixir of life. It lifts you even increased than earlier than.

“Really feel the ache so the ache can depart”


Now as for watching your thoughts, this generally is a troublesome idea to understand. Principally, there’s your programmed thoughts that’s like a pc simply spitting out ideas tainted along with your previous after which there’s the you that’s watching all of it unfold. This different “you” is the silent witness. It’s the divine you, the a part of you that’s all loving and figuring out. This witness can watch your ideas and tales. It might additionally watch your triggers. This witness doesn’t have to interact or make things better. It prefers to be within the current second and really feel. The witness watches and is aware of it isn’t in your greatest curiosity to observe what the thoughts says or how it’s shifting you to react.

The very best recommendation I can provide you when triggered is to really feel deeply, simply watch, and don’t attempt to repair it. The power is aware of what to do on it’s personal. It is going to transfer alongside for those who get out of its manner.

Keep in mind – Extra emotions, much less ideas. Extra “I really feel” statements, much less story. Extra witness, much less response.

I do know this was deep, however deep is critical to heal and share love effortlessly along with your beloved. Deep can also be essential to create the deep oasis of therapeutic love masculine man will probably be drawn to and by no means need to be with out.

P.S. I really feel great, clear, and flowing in any case these triggers. These items works!

A lot Love,

Malena xoxo


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